Odessa Regional Medical Center Announces OB/GYN Hospitalist Program

As part of our overall commitment to women’s health and care for expecting mothers, Odessa Regional Medical Center now offers an OB/GYN hospitalist program to provide consistent care to patients in our hospital, as well as emergent care to those arriving in Labor and Delivery.

"Staffing Odessa Regional Medical Center with hospital-based OB/GYN physicians serves to enhance patient safety and improve the coordination and efficiency of care," said Stacey Brown, President of ORMC. "It also provides peace of mind for our patients since an OB/GYN is available at a moment's notice to step in to provide care."

Our OB-GYN hospitalist program brings an experienced team of board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists on-site to ORMC hours a day, 7 days a week. These dedicated OB/GYN physicians at ORMC provide a number of services, including:

  • providing care in times of emergency prior to the arrival of a patient's own physician;
  • supporting the care of high-risk pregnancy patients;
  • and delivering babies for patients who don't have an obstetrician.


The OB Hospitalists are required to have additional training in neonatal resuscitation, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and OB emergency care. ORMC’s OB Hospitalists will also be available for consultations in the hospital and for emergent care in ORMC’s main Emergency Department.

“This program does not take the patient from her own OB/GYN physician,” said Rohith Saravanan, Chief Medical Officer at Odessa Regional Medical Center. “It ensures that every patient, regardless of time of day or physician association, is seen by an OB/GYN right away if she needs urgent care.”

Types of urgent care cases the hospitalists might see include patients 16 weeks pregnant or greater who require emergency care, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, and tubo-ovarian abscesses. Because OB hospitalists are always onsite, they can provide immediate surgery or manage problems until the patient’s OB/GYN arrives.

About Odessa Regional Medical Center
Odessa Regional Medical Center is a 225-bed hospital providing a full range of hospital services to Odessa and its surrounding communities. ORMC is a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare services including advanced diagnostic imaging technology, emergency care, innovative surgical procedures, comprehensive cardiac services and an award winning maternity center. ORMC is part of Steward Health Care, the largest private, for-profit hospital operator in the United States with physician-led healthcare services committed to providing the highest quality of care in the communities where patients live.

About Steward Health Care Steward Health Care
Steward Health Care is the largest private, tax-paying physician-led health care network in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Steward operates 37 hospitals in the United States and the country of Malta that regularly receive top awards for quality and safety. The company employs approximately 42,000 health care professionals. The Steward network includes multiple urgent care centers and skilled nursing facilities, substantial behavioral health services, over 7,900 beds under management, and approximately 2.2 million full risk covered lives through the company's managed care and health insurance services.


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