April 21, 2020

ORMC Launches “Shine on Health Care Heroes” Campaign to Thank Permian Basin Health Workers

ORMC Asks Local Businesses, Patients and Residents to Join in Hanging Lights at Home to Brighten Workers’ Spirits

Odessa Regional Medical Center, a Steward Family hospital, today announced the launch of its “Shine on Health Care Heroes” campaign, an effort to enlist patients, residents, and local business partners in applauding health care workers both in the Permian Basin and across the country from the safety of their homes. ORMC is asking community members to hang lights outside their home as part of Steward Health Care’s national effort to thank health care workers and support doctors, nurses, and hospital staff who have continued to show incredible bravery during this time of uncertainty and distress.

“The spread of COVID-19 has caused anxiety both in the Permian Basin and around the world, touching each of us and upending the way we live,” said Stacey Brown, President of Odessa Regional Medical Center. “While most shelter at home with their families, health care workers continue to bravely risk their own health and safety to ensure our communities have access the highest-quality care. Our hope is that seeing lights throughout the Permian Basin communities will uplift and brighten frontline medical workers’ spirits and show them just how much we appreciate them and are thinking about them during this time.”

“As a national health care company, Steward has a unique opportunity to champion action at this unprecedented and challenging moment,” said Dr. Joseph Weinstein, Chief Medical Officer for Steward Health Care, the nation’s largest private, tax-paying, physician-led health care network. “We wanted to show the entire health care community, both within Steward and beyond, that we are here to support them, while also involving Americans who are eager to help and share their own gratitude.”

In addition to hanging lights outside their homes, members of the community are encouraged to share messages of love and appreciation on social media using the hashtag #ShineOnHealthCareHeroes. ORMC will work to partner with local businesses to amplify the campaign in weeks and months ahead.